Porch Settin Time

© 2017 Unrecorded

The day’s winding down and the work’s all done

and I’m headed home with the settin sun

there’s only one more thing left on my mind

Well the news today wasn’t so good

it wasn’t that bad, but I think I would

like to go somewhere and leave it all behind

You see the winter’s over and it sure was hard

the weather’s turnin and in my little back yard

everything’s bustin out so green and fine

Signs of spring are everywhere

think I’ll grab my guitar and a kitchen chair

it’s porch settin time

‘Course there’s lots things still left to do

the grass needs cuttin and the bills are due

but they’re gonna have to wait at least another day

‘Cause there’s a warm breeze blown in from the south

the drinks are cold and there ain’t no doubt

I’ll be right here on the porch passin the time away

Well I ain’t never been to the south of France

and I never dressed up for no ballroom dance

I never sipped a glass of sparkling wine

I like the gold of the sun in the afternoon

when the shadows grow long and then pretty soon

it’s porch settin time

Well the world’s gone mad I guess it’s true

I wish there was something someone would do

before the whole darn thing winds up goin to pot

Power and money and greed and war

I don’t need any of it anymore

I just want to be thankful for what it is I got

So come on over we’ll be here

set right down pull up a chair

tomorrow you know the sun is gonna shine

Supper’s on so be ready to eat

go on ahead put up your feet

it’s porch settin time

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