The People, Yes


One of the most celebrated American poets of all time, Illinois’ own Carl Sandburg published his epic The People, Yes in 1936. The work is filled with sweeping and everlasting images of the American experience, giving context to everyday observations and language.

Sandburg was also a folk song collector. In 1927 he published the very first printed collection of American folk song, The American Songbag.

The People, Yes includes biographical background on the Pulitzer-Prized winning author and poet, and combines both the spoken word selections and  songs from The American Songbag in a very special performance.

Moving and endless with the scrolls of the living.

Shimmering with phantoms flung from the past, 

shot over with lights of babies yet to come, not yet here.

The people, yes, the people.

Everyone who got a letter today and those the mail carrier missed.

The people is Everyman, everybody.

Everybody is you and me and all the others.

What everybody says is what we all say.

And what is it we all say?

- from The People, Yes  by Carl Sandburg

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