Promise of the Promised Land

© 2008 Recorded on Time Ain't Got Nothin' On Me

I slept last night in a warm bed

food on the table and a roof over my head over my head

I dreamed a dream so far away

across the wide Sonoran across the Rio Grande Rio Grande

I was somewhere beyond the desert sand

lookin for the promise of the promised land

I lost my job at the factory

sixteen years with the company the comany

they went south of the border Ramos Arizpe

where the wages are low and the plant runs both night and day night and day

and all across the desert man 

there are guards along the border of the promised land

Who crossed the wide Atlantic to find America's shore

who huddles tonight down by the bridge so hungry and homeless and poor

my brother who'll light the lamp

who's gonna open the golden door? open the golden door

I promised my father before he died

I would always be faithful I would always try always try

I got my kids to feed I got my bills to pay 

I can't get ahead I keep lookin for better days better days

and it's gettin so hard to understand

lookin for the promise of the promised land

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