I'm the 99

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Walkin down Main Street, the boards are goin up

hear the shufflin feet, another empty store front

our little town prospered, but that was once upon a time

now we're just hangin on, we're the 99

I listened to my teacher, at the university

worked six long years, now I got me a degree

eighty-thousand down, and I haven't got a dime

I'm livin with my parents, I'm the 99

I'm the 99, I'm the 99

my brothers and my sisters are here to draw the line

I'm the 99, I'm the 99

callin round the country, we're the 99

I  go to work each mornin, I wear a suit and tie

I can see it in the mirror, you can see it in my eyes

they're cuttin down the payroll and now I'm worried all the time

and it won't be long, I'm the 99 (chorus)

Lookin at my babies, so quiet in their beds

all those pretty dreams fillin up their heads

tomorrow in the mornin I'll be standin in that line

at the unemployment office, I'm the 99 (chorus)

All across the country, we're red white and we're blue

they're lookin at me and they'll be lookin at you

meet me on the corner where we're holdin up the sign

and we'll sing it together, we're the 99 (chorus)

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