We get letters...

Ross writes:

Hi Mark, I’m a student of yours from a long time ago. I’ve been listening to you play Deep Ellum Blues lately and was wondering if you have it tabbed out and would be willing share it with me? I’m working on a flat picking arrangement but I really enjoy fingerpicking but can’t find an arrangement anywhere. 

I took three classes with you in the 90s, was away for twenty years, then came back in 2018 to The Beatles Ensemble since then.

Kind regards, Ross

Sure thing Ross!

The melody for Deep Ellum Blues (some spell it Elum - Elm Street) orbits around a G chord. The first Study tab is intended to help the player find the melody all the while keeping your picking thumb bouncing from the sixth string to the fourth.

You can get that here.

The second tab is more like the arrangement I’ve been kicking around for around for a long time.

You can get that here.

There’s a cool little place in Plymouth, Indiana called Wild Rose Moon. George Shricker’s crew there videoed me playing it one night. Capo is on the third fret.

Watch that here.

Good luck! Thanks for staying in touch.


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