Under Mistletoe

©2006, 2021.

It’s been a long, hard year

and I been thinkin of you

temperature’s sinkin the lonely snow fallin

I hear you callin softly to me

It’s been a long hard time

and you’re so far away

cold wind so bitter, looks like old man winter

has decided he’s gonna stay

It sure doesn’t feel like Christmas

the happiest time of the year

no handshakes or hugs, no holiday kisses

how I wish you could be here

I hope you’re doin well

who can tell how much longer this might take

but the lights look so pretty on the streets of the city

hey maybe everything is gonna be okay

I hope you like this card

when you can please write back to me

and please tell old Santa I don’t need nothin

under the Christmas tree

You’re the one I want

and I wanted you to know

I’ll be waiting for you

under mistletoe

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