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Bowling for Christmas now available


Bowling for Christmas and Other Tales from the Road now available

MD's book of essays and poems, Bowling for Christmas and Other Tales from the Road, is now in stock and available for purchase from the store, and at MD's shows.

Pre-orders will be shipped Monday, December 2.

Send a check for $14 per copy, made out to Mark Dvorak, PO Box 181, Brookfield IL 60513.

Learn more and print out an order form here.

Get in touch with your questions here.

Riding on the City of New Orleans


Pullman Rail Journeys and the Old Town School of Folk Music have announced Chicago folk musicians Mark Dvorak and Christopher Walz will perform on the legendary train The City of New Orleans the weekend of January 30 - February 3.

The train departs Chicago on Thursday, January 30 at 8:00 pm and arrives in New Orleans the next day. The return trip leaves New Orleans on Sunday, February 2.

Dvorak and Walz are two important voices on the acoustic scene. Dvorak has released sixteen albums of traditional and original music, and was named "Chicago's official troubadour" by WFMT 98.7 fm Fine Arts Radio. …

Fall Banjo Camp


On Sunday, November 24, the Fall Banjo Camp met in Elk Grove Village, Illinois for a memorable afternoon. 

Pictured in the back row from left to right are Peggy, Stacy, Donna and Jim. Seated in the front row are Tom, Chris, MD and Jane. That's Molly the Dog.

The nearly three-hour session covered a lot of ground and material. The group worked on listening to, and playing back a melodic sequence, and embellishing a melody with pull-offs, hammer-ons and slides. 

The group also identified chord tones and color tones, worked on the two-finger style, and experimented with G modal tuning. …

Chicago book signing December 10


CHICAGO IL - Folk musician Mark Dvorak will perform and read from his new book, Bowling for Christmas and Other Tales from the Road, in a special appearance on Tuesday, December 10 at The Grafton Pub, 4530 N. Lincoln Avenue. The program begins at 9:30 pm with music from Waiting for Nellie, an acoustic trio made up of Old Town School of Folk Music members Mike Alberts, Sarah Ball and Louis Mitchell.

"For a long time now, I've been a scribbler of words," said the singer about his new project. "Over the years, my wayward process of scribbling and editing, rereading and listening, has yielded this humble collection. …

Big Bill Broonzy Folksinger

big bill folksinger

The remarkable Big Bill Broonzy had a storied career. He came to Chicago in the early years of the recording industry and was a top seller into the 1940s. Bill’s career was revived in Chicago after meeting singer & entertainer Win Stracke in the 1950s.

A new class offered by MD will focus on Bill’s stunning, yet simple arrangements from this last period, when he hit the road with just his songs and acoustic guitar.   

Classic songs like “The Glory of Love,” “Bill Bailey” and “Keys to the Highway” will be studied. Some lesser known arrangement will be included, and students will learn to approach creating rhythm and sound on their guitars “Big Bill” style.

Download MD on Fearless 10.18.13

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MD dropped by the Fearless Radio studio for a chat with Kris Littman on October 18, 2013.

Two tracks were played from Time Ain't Got Nothin' On Me, and Dvorak performed two songs live, "I Hate to See the Summer Go," and "Home."

Fearless Radio is located in an old Packard showroom in the far south loop in Chicago.

Click here, or the image to listen to the forty-two minute web cast. Download for free. 

Stay in touch • info AT • PO Box 181 • Brookfield IL 60513 • 312 315 4273