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Singing folk songs has been a way of life and a livelihood for going on thirty years now. And over the years, I’ve come to realize just how necessary the arts are to our daily lives.

The folk arts are flexible and accessible. The folk arts invite participation and improvisation. Our folk music is a bearer of history and custom, and has grown by being needed and used. It has adapted itself to new circumstances, and is not ‘finished’ or ‘cyrstallized.’ And, it is a kind of music which everyone can help make.


I hope we can be in touch in the coming year. I’d love to present a concert for your club or organization. …

Old Friends free mp3


“Old Friends” is MD’s latest song inspired by his long friendship with pickin friends from Erin, TN, Elbert “Ace” Beard and Don Williams. 

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Click on the photo of Elbert and Don to listen to a 45 second sample.

Leave a comment below and feel free to share the track with all of your “old friends.”

Old Friends  words & music by Mark Dvorak ©2014 ten fingers.

There’s nothin like singing with an old friend

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